Activate Chase Credit Card Online and Offline – Step by Step Process

To activate Chase credit card is very easy once this guide and procedure is been followed.  JPMorgan Chase company offers the best credit cards ,  and from here card user can apply , activate or verify  and manage chase credit card online and offline .

Chase credit card activation phone number is 800-432-3117.  Its for those who do not want to activate through online . Just activate your credit card offline with the number 800-432-3117.

When you call the phone number , just  enter last four digits of the card number and please follow the prompts from there as well.  Like we said before without activating the card , you can not be able to use the card.

You are advice to activate the card so you can use it to do any online transaction and more.  Do you know since i advised one of my American friend Jessie to get the card and he got it  he has not visited the banking hall or nearest office ?  all financial services is done with chase credit card .

For anyone who is staying in America or outside the country should better apply and activate their card from reading down the page .  Do yourself good to activate this card from the guide and procedure we are here to discuss with you.

How to Activate Chase Credit Card Online – Step by Step Process

Here is the best and easiest way to activate /verify  your card through online to secure your account from second party .

  1.   Go to credit card verification code .  Better know you can see the site at  the back of your card or access this site with your browser 
  2.   Next step is to create online chase account .  But for those who already have account .  Just logging into your account .  But in case you do not have , tap the “Not Enrolled button. Sign up now.”  So you can create an online account. See the following information about you that is needed .
    • new credit card number .
    • Social Security number or  any of your tax identification number .
    • Any of your billing address.
    • Last thing is your email address .
  3.   Next step is to find the find credit card account via online .   Tap the “My Accounts” tab on the screen and you are advice to choose  credit card that you would like to verify online or activate for use .   Then you will be asked  to activate the card.  Then you are advice to tap the activation button on the screen . Am sure you can now use your card anywhere in the world .
  4.  You can now activate the individual perks side . It can be “Rewards Activity” tab or it can be “Use Points” make sure you access in case you have a Sapphire Reserve card.  The important of this one is that  user is eligible  for should occur .   Better know it may take 5% cash back or airline miles from it .   Thanks
  5.  Tap the sign back to account .  Your credit card is not valid unless you sign it. You are advice to know to  use a ballpoint pen for it and sign the back where the says signature side .   The person is said to put down neither  your name nor “See ID.”  Thanks .You can start using the card anywhere , anytime .

Chase Credit Card Activation Offline

Just open the envelope it is sealed with and then call the phone number for the activation process – 800-432-3117.  Make sure you put last four digits of  the card number and  try to follow the prompts . Thanks .

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