Average Monthly and Yearly Cost of Water Bill USA

Lets start by saying that Water bill cost in America is affordable .  No one has ever wake up to complain about it water bill cost is high , but at times there are some things which can make your water bill cost to be high.

We are to give you full water bill cost , both average monthly and yearly cost of it.  The only thing you need to do is read up the page to see full details and information about it .

See how to lower your water bill in case you do not like the price they kept it for you.  Most at times we waste water and do not want to pay high bill , its okay anyway , because lets give you full tip about the whole thing .

Water Bill Cost

For all average, United States of America pays $104 per month for  electricity usage. Then for average family people also pays $70 a month for usage of water.   Better know that this particular amount is usually based on the average person or people  using between 80 and 100 gallons of water  on daily basis . 

Those people who uses less like 50 gallons per person per day can only pay around $34 per month. 

USA makes water bill payment with  Discover , Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Also to make water bill payment  and sewer bill payment, you are to  use  water and sewer bill account number .  Thanks !


How to Lower your Water Bill America


  1. Try to inspect good appliances in your apartment or room .  Try to make sure no place that water is leaking or dropping in the place of usage . All pipes are intact and secured .
  2. Make sure that you put low-flow toilets, or try to convert current ones now .
  3. Put aerators to the faucets.
  4. Upgrade or increase the Energy Star appliances there .
  5. Always use shorter ans small showers all time .
  6. Another thing is to use good dishwasher.

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