Best American Food Near Me – Find American Restaurant Near Me

Here is the list of American food near me and you , the food below is the kind of food that America takes and it is recommended in America and other countries .  Anytime we are , these American restaurant is near me and you .  From here one will be able to know the whole of American food which their locations and branches is near me and you .   Many outside country people like Chinese , African , etc are trying to start eating some foreign food use it how cooked and well it is most made .   Please once you are residing in United States you are bless because your meal is the best as it stands now .

Doing the colonization  of America by the European continent some set of food was brought upon them,   and since then they have been eating the food.    American that is see as the world power have been filled with different people from parts of world.    And so doing that they have to see different style of people in everything including the kind of food they eat.

The food and dishes below is the food that is been made and prepared in America. There is a rich diversity in preparation of food in America and that have brought different preparation of food and dishes in America.

Here Is List Of American Food And Dishes

Apple Sauce
Apple Butter
Ammonia Cookie
American Chinese Bruise
Baked Potatoes
Bear Claw
Blue Cheese Dressing
Blue Plate Special
Buffalo Burger
Buffalo Wing
Bull Roast
Burnt Ends
Brunswick Stew
Beef Manhattan
Carolina Style
Cheese Dog
Cheese Fries
Cheese steak
Chicken Divan
Chicken Finger
Chicken French
Chicken Fried Bacon
Corn Dog
Corn Flakes
Corn Relish
Crab Cake
Creamed Corn  , Cowboy Beans
Deviled Crab
Deviled Egg
Domesticated Turkey
Drunken Chicken
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Neptune
Eggs Bar
Fajita  , Fortune Cookie
Fried Chicken
Fried Fish
Fry Sauce
Fry Bread
Garden Salad
German Chocolate Cake
Hot Fry
Home Fries
Hot Chicken
Ice Cream Cake
Italian Beef
Italian Dressing
Juba , Liver And Onions
Lobster Roll
Lobster Broil
Meat Cake
Mission Burrito
Mashed Potatoe
Onion Ring
Pasta Salad
Peanut Butter
Pickled Cucumber
Pizza Strips
Pork And Beans
Pumpkin Pie
Pulled Pork
Rabbit Pie
Reuben Sandwich
Seafood Cocktail
Senate Bean Soup
Soul Food  ,Sour cream
Spanish Rice

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