Big Brother Canada Application 2021 – How to Get on Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada Application 2021 is Here ! Today might your lucky day for applying for Big Brother Canada. Big Brother is very thrilled and happy to be doing another season , which is Season 9 of their homegrown version of the known and recommended international mega hit series BIG BROTHER.

Its highly coming in an amazing way Globally in Spring 2021! For anyone who have interest in participating in this show and entertainment , should kindly know, there are some certain things to be considered before been a member.

Do you know you get what it takes to win this next version of BIG BROTHER CANADA? Are you fully aware of BIG personality with a nice opinions?

In case you are really good in competitive and also willing to fight for what you really believe in? Come and join this new and latest version. Be rest assured that you will be up till 19 years or older than that , then by February 1st, 2021 be ready.

Big Brother Canada is now accepting and allowing applications for the upcoming ninth season of Big Brother Canada. In case you are interested , this might be your lucky chance to participate and win more than you ever expected.

The notable deadline for application is Friday, November 15, 2020, though at times it can change but for now its still the same date and period.

In case you want to apply, click on the “Apply now” down the link after reading down the page and start up with the process.

How to Apply for Big Brother 2021

Step 1 – Begin by making a short video (see VIDEO for more guideline).

Step 2 – Save and secure your video and then a current picture of own yourself to the desktop, so that they are ready anytime you want to apply online.

Step 3 – Fill out online application and then you can now upload video and picture as well HERE.

Step 4 – Big Brother company will now email you if they want to move forward in making sure your casting process is on.

Big Brother Eligibility Requirements and Application Guidelines

  1. In case you are chosen by the Producer for an interview, you must be willing to accept to travel at your own expense to be interviewed at any given time it was scheduled by Producer.
  2. If case you are chosen by the Producer for any interview in the Semi-Finals, you must be willing to accept to make a trip to Toronto for approximately one week.
  3. You should be willing to accept to live inside the Big Brother Canada house which is located in Toronto for uptill seventy-five (75) days .
  4. The house is really extensively outfitted with a nice video and audio recording devices which will record. Everything you do will be recorded and seen by viewers.
  5. You must be up till 19 years or more than, before participating.
  6. You should be a good Canadian citizen or even permanent resident of Canada.
  7. Must be in a good health and strong mind.
  8. You must have a good behavior and have no bad record in the country.

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