How to Become a Police Officer in California – Step by Step Guide

Apart from earning high in law enforcement in California , its good place to work as a law enforcement in America .  The city of California is place where any USA citizen can easily become a police officer if this guide and procedure is been followed.

Requirement to become a police officer in California has been question of the day and everything will be made known from here.  California is a blessed city in terms of getting or hiring police officer in their city.  As it stands now ,  the least police officer earns approximately $100,090 per year .

What qualification do you need to become a police officer is another thing we are here to answer from reading down the page .  As of 2017 , the state has over 73,000 cops.  These record made them to be among the leading place to have the highest employment level of police officer and sheriff patrol officers in the United States of America .

All states in the whole world has a requirement for someone to become a police officer just like California .  The benefit one will get after reading down the post is that it will be very easy to enroll into police work either as California troopers, California sheriff’s offices, and other major cities.

Requirement for Police Officer in California

Here are the basic requirement for you to join or become a police officer in California city .   Better know  there are  some minimum state-wide requirements so that one can apply to all aspiring police recruits.

Another thing is that the local police departments can as well impose some other additional standards above the minimum requirement which the law implement for it  .

Lets start by saying like some college degree  can not be forcefully to become a police officer in California .  Then ,  other local departments can also ask or require an associate’s degree for it to be done .

These has to do with other public sectors in the body .  But to summarize it all ,   minimum requirement can only be a high school diploma or GED own .  Or college credit is also rank as a strong gain in terms of employability during the application ,  and it will help during the time of promotion in your office .  If you have all these use it get the job in case for promotion comes in.


  •  Such person must be at least 18 years of age .
  •  Such person must be a USA citizen .  It can be neither by birth nor naturalization .  Anyone is approved by law enforcement .
  • The person should uphold a high school diploma or also equivalent GED certificate in terms of promotion .
  •  Another thing is that such person should  undergo an extensive background investigation showing the candidate is totally free from any bad record .
  • The last thing is the person should at least have no physical pain or trauma , emotional, or any mental conditions which may affect the police work .

Once you have the following , you can apply and get into police work in California .  These generalizes for all San Diego  , Los Angeles  and San Francisco places .  Some other area in California do not need some of these requirement for it to work .  Do yourself  good to get any of this to start your dream work like others .

Police Training Academies in the city California

Let start by saying that all city police officers and sheriff deputies in California are expected  to take part in the POST Regular Basic Course which is training academy and it is the minimum entry-level training requirement.

Also , better know Post Basic Course deals and  comprises of an intense curriculum designed to make available for recruits with hands on good training,it comprises of  weapons training or equipment, role model-play, also  patrol procedures, making sure arrest goes and last thing is control techniques.  Candidates are advice to pass the following procedure to get it high.

Here  are  the 39 POST which is accredited academies located throughout California .


  • Butte College Public Safety Training Center – Oroville, CA
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife – Sacramento, CA
  • California Highway Patrol – West Sacramento, CA
  • Allan Hancock College – Santa Maria, CA
  • CAL-FIRE- Ion, CA
  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Department Academy Training Center – Dublin, CA

Get these now and become a qualified police officer in the city of California .  Thanks

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