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Lets start by saying that is  owned and run by Christians .  Its like other dating site where we meet and connect to people .  Like the name sound ChristianCafe , some lay men will start thinking its only meant for religious purpose , please my dear its not it .  Just like normal dating site where we can meet and connect to people  that is the way it is .  ChristianCafe  review shows the whole thing about them.

As it stands today , they are thousands of dating site where singles come online to meet another single and that it was ChristianCafe is good at .  ChristianCafe dating site is seen among the best due to everyone or member are given good account of them .

ChristianCafe Membership

For anyone who wants to be a member of this amazing online dating  site .  First stage is to go through a free trial with them either 3 or 4 days base on how quick and good you are .  We are going to encourage interested users to exercise patience and follow the free trial process due to  some certain reasons.

Reason for the reason is to get you equip and also create an account for you ,  that no other person can access.  People do wakes up and start complaining their account is  already hacked or penetrated by people ,  but ChristianCafe is not like that.  Well secured .

To show you how exceptional they are .  When you send any email to someone  he or she cannot read it unless they are on a free trial or they are paid members. Still, that in itself, being questionable is not even close to the worst of Christiancafe’s deceptive practices.

The real thing  starts  after your free trial/taste ends.   Upon logging into your account and finding the message ‘your time has expired’ on every option of the site  , including the ability to search, see who has emailed you or even, if you can believe it edit your OWN profile. Unless you pay you can no longer even hide your profile from view nor can you change any of the content of own your profile, nor update or remove your own photos.

To reasons for this strictship is to make sure users account or profile is well secured.  When you are on the dating site with your browser or App there is  visible button where are asked to hide your profile .  There is another place or button where you will be asked to delete your profile incase if the thing didnt work out .  Once you are done with these procedure your account or profile will re appear on the other side.

Deactivated profiles as well as profiles that have long expired are how they entice new members. These details ,   although inactive  , also have  mysterious ability to send emails to new members or account  who have recently finished their free trials. Please Don’t be mislead by these emails okay?

They are just another annoying  and manipulative gesture by the Christiancafe management to get the lonely and unsuspecting to produce a credit card. It is a sad reality of our time and the frail security of online life that sites like Christiancafe can exist but it is my hope in writing this other believers will practice more discernment than I did.

Once you are here you can enjoy sending emails.

ChristianCafe Testimony

As it stands now .  ChristianCafe holds one of the highest record of connecting and linling of young ladies and men.  They holds records of 25,000 marriages since its establishment in 1999.   Please before wind down the cotton .  ChristianCafe onlind dating site is not only meant for chrsitains .  Outsiders are they too .  Like muslims and some other people .

ChristianCafe Features

Receving and sending messgaes

Exchnaging email services

Uploading profile details anytime

Activating and deactiving our profile

Meeting new people from oversea login and signup is what anyone can do .   Its not restricted to some set of persons today okay . Enjoy this amzing online dating .

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