Christmas Day Celebration In United States

Christmas day is a remarkable day for everyone who resides in America .  Its a day for people who are Christians to remember  birth of  lord Jesus Christ.

Today , people of America who are Christians  always keep to remember birth of our lord Jesus Christ . It was the day he was born  ,  and today all Christian tries to keep it as a celebration day .  But normally we are meant to know  its a special church service or mass to celebrate birth of Jesus Christ according to christian religion.

Whether Its  Holiday

Christmas day in United States is always a public Holiday for everyone  .  Nomatter your work whether you are a student, footballer ,English worker, politician or any type of occupation you are into , the day of birth of Jesus Christ for christian is a always kept holy and sacred for all .  So no work for anyone .  Stay at home or go out with friends to enjoy that day.   Its a day off for all people.

What People Do On Christmas Day In United States ?

From here you will know how people of US celebrates it and make it a memorable day for them .  Firstly , all occupation and jobs is totally off .  We are made to understand we are to stay at home or go out to enjoy the day.  Its cause for celebration .

America people is filled with Christians as their religion .  Though they are other religion in America
but its mostly filed with Christians .  For anyone who is given privilege to stay at home or don’t go to work is a free man to do what he or she desires .  For all European people whenever name Christmas is mention they always rejoice and be happy because most at times good things happens to them doing the period.

In United States people decorates their homes with fancy lights,  fancy painting,  beautiful lights with so many colors,and people also visit friends and family .  Some others also travel to see their old time friends or family who is not close to them.

Exchange of gifts is really order of the celebrations .  For example , love ones goes out with their partner to share gifts , and many things in common .  Friends who are not in good terms reconcile the day because its a holy and sacred day for bad things to stay.

Special foods or meal is well prepared for family and friends .  Children comes to receive gift either from their parents or love ones .  Working class children buys gift for their parents as well to make it more fun too.

Santa Claus is a mythical figure which is use to celebrate it in some set of areas .  Father Christmas  is a human being that is covered with alot of cloths and foamy material .  Children love seeing or playing with it the same day .  Some areas use it as business like children will come and see it .  Their parents will pay for it.

In America some Sunday schools , churches and communities organize special events. These can include decorating the neighborhood or a shopping mall or centers , putting up a Christmas trees and planning a Nativity display , concert or performance.    A lot of plays and songs have a aspect of Christmas as a theme.   Some groups arrange meals , shelter or charitable projects for people without a home or with very little money.   All these things are done on Christmas Eve day.

T conclude it all , people always celebrate it in any form they want .  There is no special way of celebrating it.

Symbol Of Christmas Day

Symbol of celebration is to celebrate birth of Jesus, Nativity and three Kings .  Here is major things which is celebrated that day .  Other things is minor to say,  like Santa Claus ,  Reindeer and Elves.   People also uses Palm Tree leaves,  holly,  celebration,  decorations,  fairly Lights,  candles to show the symbol of it .  Places will be filled with designed and quality things.

About Christmas Day In Other Countries

Christmas day in other countries is almost same with Americans own .  Christians  share same belief, ideology and tenets in common, meaning anyway other countries celebrate it will be same in general.   No country own is too exceptional .  All things is base on how you wants to do your own.


Day Of Christmas

Its always once in a year .  It is 25th day of December month .  After 25 day of December other celebrations period also comes up as well ,  days like New Year Eve ,Kwanzaa Eve and more.

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