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For all smart class students in Educomp should login from this platform .  In case you have lost your password and wants to recover your password , you can as well do it here.  Educomp is online educational service created for k-12 students who stays in India . Study and buy textbooks online .

Each time we are looking for educational site for k-12 student , better know that Educomp is seen as number one.  Educomp is not just for student only , government  , schools and educational bodies also make use of it.  But if you do not have an account with them , first thing to do is register or create an account with from here to start up.

Educomp student who logins from this post , learn free , meet other students , meet and communicate with teachers , buy textbooks and study online, communicate and share any difficulty area of his or her subjects like history, geography, economics, government , literature in English , business studies, English, math , social studies , physics, chemistry, biology and more .

We all know the main reason we are here is to access our account , just that we can not show you how to access our account without giving you tips or review about this Indian educational service .  Another good thing about Educomp is that smart class student can access them anytime they wants once they have a very strong data connection .

If the area you are staying in India has a data connection , you can easily connect to start learning online.  If any student login online , am not sure you will not miss any educational help that you are seeking for .  Indian k-12 student are seriously giving good account of this service work.  Do yourself good to have an account with others to  start learning online with no charges for it.

Teachers can give assignment to student online and it will be marked .  Student can as well meet and communicate with other student from their various homes. If any kindergarten student is hard to learn or comprehend in school register him/her from here to be a smart-kid from smart class .

First step to take is register for Edcuomp for those ones who do not have an account with Educomp. In case you have an account with this educational service then login to start learning and doing any assignment given by your teacher .

Educomp Online Login – Step by Step Guide

Here is the only way to access your account online with this educational service created for Indian k-12 student to learn online .


  1. First thing to do is access  to Educomp’s sign in site which is
  2.  Scroll down the page , put your USERNAME and PASSWORD .
  3.  Come down to click on LOGIN button .

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