Facebook Login and Logout – Access Facebook Account

Facebook login and logout is number one thing to learn anytime you want to manage the social media .  From this page , users will learn how to automatically create Facebook account .  There are many social media , but Facebook is seen as number one in today’s world .

Do you know i advertise my first goods on Facebook and today my goods are seriously selling globally .  I am in Nigeria , but my market has gone to America , Canada etc due to i advertised it on Facebook .

Facebook is number one leading social media .  Its own and run by America young billion  Mark Zuckerberg .  Since the enactment of the media , its seen as number one in the whole world . Please create new Facebook account and as well logout from this step and guide .

Facebook Login – Access Your Account Here

  1.   Go to Facebook.com on your device . Make sure that you have a strong data connection on the device .
  2.   Enter your email or phone number on the first page .  But you need to click or tap the Login button to start up.
  3.   Tap the Login button on the page .

Facebook Sign in – Creating New Facebook Account

Here is the only to create new Facebook account .  Sign in and secure your account online .

  1. Go or visit www.facebook.com with your available device . Make sure that you have strong data connection on the device .
  2. Enter the following information or profile about you . These includes your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.
  3. Click or tap the Sign Up button on the page .
  4. To conclude  creating account, you are required to  confirm your email or mobile phone number.  That is only way to finish it up and start enjoying Facebook like other users.

Facebook Logout – Sign Out from Account

  1. Click or tap at the top right of your Facebook page.
  2. Tap the Log Out at the bottom  side of the menu which you will see.

Am sure someone has created new Facebook Account like others . Enjoy Number leading social media . Users can connect with other friends, family and  people they know. Share amazing photos and videos, send messages and get latest updates.

These days , people can go live on Facebook with Video , either with Computer , Android , iPhone or any smart phone with Device .

Do yourself good to create new Facebook account from this guide and procedure .

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