FetLife Review – True Story Behind FetLife.com

FetLife is a social network that serves people on a daily basis.  Attimes it can be more of dating .  Whenever you want to enjoy any social network which  runs and serves people like Facebook better come and see the good works of FetLife.com .

For anyone who wants to enjoy social life through been online  ,  or  social website such person have to login to FetLife  .  They have one of the best features so far ,  and member’s are not as much as other social network  are , where competition is high.  We can easily meet partners and lover any reasons .  That is why you will enjoy the site most  .   Because other social media which  runs and have much members  ,  friends or people .  Competition there is very high .

When the network was initial created alot of things can be enjoyed but now they have restricted and stopped some certain things.    Reason for stopping some of these is to make it more fun for users .  Like creating new groups for friends , family to be  .   Fetlife deleted some set of groups now.  You will enjoy the social media most when its an individual that wants to use it.

Features Of FetLife Social Website

Posting An event with date , location , cost , dress , code and other information.

Sending Message in a private wall.

Members Personal Profile such as multiple affiliate profile.

Friends can indicate their friends with other member.

Indication of been in one or more relationship.Menu in homepage will allow you to indicate where and dominant place of your partner.

Posting of videos,photos,writings is the order of the day for members.

Members can comment on another person photos,videos and writing post.

Descriptions of users profile.

Members can send any default or violation of the rule of Fetlife as a notification.

From here you will be able to know that when any person wants to enjoy been in any social media such person should better login or be a participant to the wonderful site.  Fetlife gives you the best and wonderful service like Facebook . T hey describe themselves like Facebook,  because anytime you open their site Facebook logo will be shown and display to you.

One thing about FetLife network is order of competition with other website does  is not for them.  Instead of qualifying their website as a dating site rather see themselves as a social network.   And its run by kinksters like you and me.

Imagine as new FetLife has  over 8 million accounts.  Users  can easily locate and find your lover anytime they online.   Questions have been going on whether they are among best social network but from here you will be able to see and know they are upcoming best network.

FetLife Membership

To be a member is free on charge .  You can meet singles from different parts of the world .

For anyone who wants to signup and have account with fetLife such person have to login to their homepage or domain which is www.Fetlife.com.  

If homepage or domain is opens you can answer questions you will see below by putting your profile in their homepage.

For easy access just click here www.FetLife.com.   From here you are meant to understand its best and recommended network one have to be.

For social and domestic things through online,  like meeting new friends and sharing your Passion , feelings about relationship  , friendship or date  better login to the website to see more about what you are looking for.

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