Floyd Mayweather Dating Argentinian Big Brother Yasmi Mendeguia

Floyd Mayweather is seriously dating Argentinian Big Brother star .  The two met in a shopping mall and since then, they both are enjoying themselves.  The undefeated champion is 20 years older than Yasmi Mendeguia .  Floyd Mayweather Dating Argentinian Big Brother Yasmi Mendeguia .

The star is just enjoying his retirement with the Argentinian big brother star .  Since their relatioship everything have been cool with them. Floyd Mayweather is a world champion in terms of fighting .

Floyd Mayweather is a known for his undefeated record in fighting .  Floyd Mayweather records speaks for himself.  Since then, the start is seriuosly enjoying his private life alone.

According to Yasmi Mendeguia   “I was in a store with friends and friends. When I saw him I went to ask for a picture, but a bodyguard got in the way..But Floyd asked to let me pass and we took some pictures. He stayed talking to us about coming to Mexico, partying. It seems very cool and even asked me for contact.”

Yasmi who appeared on Argentine  Big Brother show ans since then, the model is seriously making wave.  Yasmi is currently acting movie.  A great actress and model.   Yasmi and Mayweather looks good together.

Records have shown us that Mayweather is far older than her , but their love still remains strong and firm.  Mayweather first child is even older than fathers girlfriend.

Yasmi Mendeguia is 22 years old.  The beautiful young lady is best known for showing up on Argentine version of Big Brother.  Yasmi is very beautiful and has a fan base of over 323K people following her on Instagram .  To see more of her pictures or photos please access her Instagram or twitter account

Better known that floyd mayweather biography shows his has four kid .  The kids are  two sons and two daughters .  They came from the star old or past relationship .

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