Game Of Throne Season 8 – Released Date / Cast / And Spoilers

Game Of throne is a well recommended and popular movie which has aired the world since it came out through HBO .   The final season of the movie is where we see everything  we needs to know about Game Of Throne.   Winter is here. The dead are heading to Westerous, Jon Snow slept with his Aunt without knowing that.  Season 8 of movie is where are meant to know who is the rightful heir to the throne.    Season 8 will be air in 2019 but tips on the movie is already out already and everything you need to know will be shown to you once you can exercise patience to read this up.

This year ,  is a year where everyone is waiting  to see who the throne rightful belongs to as Daenerys, Jamie Lannister twin sister struggles for the throne.  We are meant to understand  Jamie Lannister is sleeping with his twin sister and they gave birth To Jofrey which the deceased child didn’t know his rightful father till he died .   In Season 8 which  is coming out by  14 , April  2019 .  We are meant to know Jon Snow is rightful heir to the throne.  But in the movie his always addressed  as a bastard but through here we are  to know  he is not a bastard.

Pregnant Cersei Lannsiter agreed to fight with Jon Snow against the dead but later turned to use her Army of Golden company to retain her hold on Westerous.  She joined by the monster mountain .  Jamie Lannsiter ,  the brother who  impregnated her rides away from kings landing towards north to join the fight,  forgetting and leaving his twin sister Cersei behind in his disgust over betrayal of humanity.    According to the last episode in season 8,   the night king attacks on the wall finally taking down the seven kingdom defense against the army of the dead.      But thanks to the undead dragon Viserion.     The undead dragon came to rescue seven kingdom against the night watch.

Arya and Sansa are still in the north trying to make a rejoin as a family for so long starting when their father was killed and mother murdered.   Sansa And Arya was joined by Bran who is now a seer.  Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the throne from what Bran saw but to our surprise the rightful king is not actually fighting for the throne with the competitors.    Bran was the person who learnt the truth about Jon Snow identity.  And samwell Tarly and Gilly,   who had alot of hanging around in a giant library.

From Season 8 of game of throne , the dead is what everyone is fighting against because no one can fight against them.  According to season 7 anyone the dead kills will automatically joins them making them to be more strong and fit.     Game Of Throne is a movie everyone is waiting to view in 2019.  For anyone that wants to enjoy  2019 is to make plans on how to view the movie from HBO.    The movie is what we are all waiting for because the movie is unpredictable.    In Game of Throne ,  is all about struggling and competing who is going to be the rightful king to the seven kingdom.

Game Of Throne Season 8 Casts

Peter Drinklage – Tyrion Lannister

Nikolaj Coster – Jamie Lannister

Lena Headey – Cersei Lannister

Emilia Clarke – Daenerys Targaryen

Kit Harington – Jon Snow

Liam Cunningham – Davos Seaworth

Sophie Turner – Sansa Stark

Maisie  Williams – Arya Stark

Here are the major casts that you will see in the movie and it will be air in 2019.

The eight and final season will soon be released and it will only have six episodes.  From what we read here is Air date is 14 April 2019.  To download it for free is to visits HBO  that day .  Anyone who ever said Game of throne leaked such person is not saying truth .

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