How to Activate a Boost Mobile Sim Card Free

Activate your boost mobile sim card in case you are staying in Australia or United States Of America .  You can not use Boost mobile phone without activating their sim card .  Do yourself good to know how to activate a boost mobile sim card free.

No phone can work without having a network connection , the main reason we are disclosing this activation process is to show how Boost mobile users or customers can activate their sim card for free to start using it like others .

Before we show customers or users how to activate a boost mobile sim card free , we will like to show full boost mobile review , reason for creating this telecommunication company and more.  Please follow this guide and procedure so your activation will be quick and fast .

Boost Mobile is very popular  is a wireless telecommunications brand which exist in both Australia and America .  The company uses  two independent companies in this two companies .  Since creation of the company all the phone users are seriously giving good account of their product .

Each time you bought boost mobile  phone there is always a sim card inside it .  The sim card contains the user contact ,  information , datebook and more about the user.  Without activating the sim card you can not use the sim card .  First step to take when you buy the sim card is to activate .

Boost Mobile company was first  established and founded in 2000 by Peter Adderton in Australia.  It was in Australia that this company started enrolling and working before it entered America .  Boost Mobile operates by Boost Tel Pty Limited using a platform known as Telstra wireless network .

But for those staying in United states Of America , it’s operates by Boost Worldwide, Inc, a Sprint Corporation subsidiary.  So , from the small review about this company one will be able to know how good they are to customers .

Incase you are asking about boost mobile sim card replacement , boost mobile activation fee , activate boost mobile phone for free , boost mobile activation not working , how to activate boost mobile phone without paying , how to activate boost mobile phone with same number , better know today is your remarkable day because all the question will be answered from this platform.

How to Activate a Boost Mobile SIM Card

First Step To Take is

Visit  Boost Mobile’s activation website on your browser . Put  15 digit SIM identification number on the back of the SIM card that you bought  in the box that  will show  “SIM ID.”

Second Step To Take is 

Make sure to insert  the battery cover of the phone you bought .   Remove  battery from the phone.  Next thing to do,  you will  see  15 digit IMEI number .  Then put  those number on the website in the box that shows “IMEI ID.” Select “Start Activation process .

Third Step To Take is

Make sure you put  your activation PIN number.  The activation PIN number can be find on the plastic SIM card holder of the phone.

Fourth And Last Step To Take is 

Last step to take is choose a phone number from the provided option which will appear to you . After that you only  can choose the first three digits you want to use . Boost Mobile company  will make a provision of the last four digits.  Then , after that Click “Submit Request.” Write down your confirmation number in case the activation was not successfully made .

These is best and easiest way to activate Boost mobile sim card for free and no money will be charge for it .  Do yourself good to get one of their good phones if you are staying Australia or America to start enjoying quality phone product .

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