How To Apply For US Citizenship – US Citizenship Requirement

For anyone who wants to become USA citizen there are some set of steps need to be followed .  You can only become USA citizen if you are not from USA when you are up till 18 years .  For anyone who wants to become USA citizen through Naturalization some set of things needs to be done.

USA is well blessed country and many outsiders  wants to join  or be their citizen .  You can apply for US citizenship card and with Green card you can enter as a visitor . For anyone who wants to know meaning of citizenship by neutralization is just as simple question to know .

Someone can have Dual citizenship , meaning you are half America and other country you are from. If you are born abroad and you want to have right to vote in US and be voted for , you are outght to be their citizen through neutalization .  Once you are not their citizen .   You must be above 18 years .

If you have any bad record in American ,  you cant become their citizen very easy .  Some set of steps and procedure needs to be followed , one of them is to be good person and you  must have done something in helping the country to grow .

For anyone who is asking where whether Green card application is gateway to become USA citizen its  wrong to say . For green card application process if far from  becoming USA citizen .

How To Become US Citizen Through Neutralization

There are many ways to join or become America citizen .   Citizenship Neutralization is  a process of when someone become Citizen of a country on his own will .  When you willingly  or voluntarily become a citizen of a country then you are citizen through Neutralization .

Through birth someone can become a citizen of a country .  If your lineage or your grand parents are from the country .  Most Black Americans  are not citizen through birth . If you are US citizen you are entitle to some set of rules and regulation abiding with them.

You are meant to protect and help in development of the country as well.  You ought to be good and nice to them in all ramification .

Steps To Follow To Become US Citizen

  1. The person must have had a permanent American green card for at least a period of five years .  The person must stay and base in US for more than Five years .
  2.  You must be above 18 years .  You cant be less than 18 years .
  3.  The person must be educated . You must learn how to speak , write and speak good English .
  4.  The person must have  a good character and must be nice .
  5.  Must accept to go by the rules and regulation regulating the country .
  6.  Must pass through ten neutralization process .
  7.   No bad record and odd record in court of law .

Certificates Of Citizenship And Naturalization

Please we are made to know we need this for you to be recommended as citizen .  With certificates of Citizenship and Naturalization are proof of your U.S. citizenship.  Its the only way to proof you are a citizen of US . you can now vote and be voted for during any election .

Note – The law of US do not allow someone to choose one citizenship or another. Dual citizenship or dual nationality  is when someone is citizen of US and another country he or she is from .

Note – For anyone who has dual citizenship , the person plan to travel  or from the United States, such person is required  to use   USA passport to enter and leave the United States.  Its a simple as that.  Make sure you abide with the rules and regulation .

Better know all  adult immigrant to become a USA citizen, he or she must go through the process of naturalization.

You are ought to be at least 18 years old at the time of filing  Application for Naturalization . America made the form to be very cheap .  The price for it is  N-400.

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