How to Become a Canadian Permanent Resident

To become a Canadian Permanent resident is very easy  .   A lot of questions has been asked on how someone can become a Canadian permanent resident , better know that over thousands  of people becomes it on yearly basis .

We will begin with giving  full definition of permanent resident .  A permanent resident is anyone who has been issued a permanent resident status by the approved  immigrating to Canada.  Try to know is not a Canadian citizen.  Permanent residents are from other countries .

These people includes students or foreign workers.  They are not permanently living or staying in the country .  Please hasten up now to get yours from here immediately .

Do you know that many USA  people are permanently living and staying in Canada as their citizen .  These include with other countries as well . Please in case you are outsider or a Canada citizen but you do not have citizenship recognization , read up the page to see how to become one now.

There are some set of requirement when moving to Canada to become their citizen .  How to apply permanently is easy and fast done when you read down the page . Canada immigration is really has played a good part and role in doing this.

You are meant to know that PR card is normally issued for at least five years,  at times it be  issued for one year instead . It all depends .   It is usually valid  and legit till the expiry date on the card .

Another thing to know is , Canada can only sends PR cards to the particular addresses within country. But most at times you are required and demanded to get yours from Canadian government offices.

Canada is European country lets start with it .  The country is blessed with many things , there are works for outsider and insiders , all you need is to become their citizenship recognization for it to be easy for you.

I have lived in USA and Canada , but from my observation and comparison , my dear i prefare Canada , they have a wonderful and amazing weather , food are cheap and affordable by all . Canada residence prices are very cheap .  To get work there is easy as well .

Do yourself good to read up the article to see full way to join other people to start enjoying life . Okay?

Canada PR Process – Permanent Residency Requirements

There are some set of number of steps to obtain a Canadian PR. Better know that that you should consider terms of “immigration categories”.   Also ,  each line of category represents a  well legal means to get permanent resident status or details .

  1. Start up by providing  a good medical certificate .
  2. Provide a good character record check.
  3. Get and Fill in  permanent resident visa application form . After that , submit it to the recognized body for it .
  4. Try to purchase the application fee and submit it .
  5. Attend or visit all the interviews with the  immigration representatives or body for it.

Here are Five Categories for Canadian Permanent Residence

How to Become a Eligible Canadian Citizen

  1. Try to become a permanent resident.
  2. You must have lived in Canada for three out of the last five years.
  3. Try to get taxes form and follow up the procedure .
  4. Must have a good character .
  5. Must have  the language skills .

How  Someone Can Lose Their Permanent Resident Status

  • An adjudicator qualifies  that such person is  no longer a permanent resident after a full detail  or PRTD appeal on it .
  • The person  voluntarily renounce or drops it permanent resident status .  That is on his or her will .
  • Another way is removal order is raised against the person and it was accomplished during the process .

From this way , am sure someone can become a Canadian citizen .  Please for any questions or comments use the empty box down the page for quick reply .

Thanks !

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