How to Become a USA Citizen Through Marriage

A lot of questions have been asked on how to become a USA citizen through marriage .  We are to give you full ways and how to become A USA citizen anytime you are married to USA citizen.

USA is bless country , and its seen as world power as well .  To become USA citizen , some stages needs to be followed .  Lets start by saying that If anyone is married to USA citizen that person  won’t be eligible for U.S. citizenship Immediately .

For anyone who is married to USA person is already eligible for a U.S. green card .  This is the first stage to follow so you can become a U.S. A citizenship.

There are some certain process or requirements that  needs to be met before someone can apply for a green card in USA .   Its a good way for for U.S.A  citizenship process  once after marriage to a U.S.A citizen.

USA Green Card Application Process

Lets start by saying as a  spouse of a U.S. citizen . you are already what is called immediate relative in immigration law lingo. Its good to hear that by anyone, including you .   There are no particular  annual serial  stage on the green cards which will be issued.

Therefore no need for you be to waiting .  Just apply for it immediately you are spouse to USA citizen .

U.S.A citizen spouse must start or begin with process for that person.  The first thing to do is to submit visa petition here Form I-130  to United States of America Citizenship and Immigration Services which is known as (USCIS).

That that will be followed   by evidence or proof of marriage which must be legally valid  . It includes marriage certificate, also marriage is bona fide .

Then in case you  immigrant living in the U.S.A after a well legalized entry , and there is no proof that you entered with no intention of getting married to USA citizen , better know you should try to amend  status.

For anyone who wants to adjust , which is Adjustment of status (AOS), the process of applying for it or getting a green card without leaving the country ,  you need to start by submitting or showing all paperwork to, and be at interviewing place.   Offices of  the place is of USCIS.

Also , it is not necessary to  wait for any approval , before submitting the AOS application. All these things can be mailed in one package.

How to Become a USA Citizen Through Marriage

Once someone is married to USA Citizen , the person is already in a good position .  The person do not have to wait or delay until they had a green card for  four or five years to apply  for the country citizenship through process which is seen  as naturalization.

Lets say , if the person stay married to  the spouse and also live with  U.S.A citizen spouse the from the onset, such person can now apply for the citizenship for three years after getting   green card.

Also the person needs to meet or get some other requirements for it .  These has to do with

  1. Having or possessing a good  and moral character.
  2. Possessing or having lived the majority of  three years staying or residing in United States of America . 
  3. Can be  able to speak English  , read and write good English .
  4. Last thing , being able to pass or undergo a U.S. civics test.

For anyone who is applying  for naturalization the person must  submit Form  of N-400, for the Application for Naturalization to  USCIS.

After that , is now attend an interview at any USCIS office close to your side . Application will be showed and also it will be tested on the knowledge of English and civic rights.

So , from this now am sure someone will be able to know how to become USA citizen through marriage .

For any comments , confusion , charts or questions , please use the empty box down the page for quick reply from us . Thanks !

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