How Long Does it Take to Get Organic Traffic ?

Lets start by saying that all new bloggers wants to know how long does it take to get organic traffic on their blog site .  Better know there is no particular time it takes to get it ,  but a new blogger can not start a day and start making high traffic but there are some exceptions to that .  How Long Does it Take to Get Organic Traffic ?

If am a Facebook , Twitter or Instagram and opened a site new and disclose it to my friends and family there , am sure once they broadcast or share it traffic will start coming on it.  That is the exception to it , no matter how long the site has been .  How Long Does it Take to Get Organic Traffic ? has been our daily question and it will be answered from this page .

When i first started my new blog , it was very hard for me because i was not getting traffic at all .  I almost gave up but due to some certain reasons , i did not give up .  I use to make five to 10 posts a day yet no traffic . I wondered why is it so , is it because my contents are poor or is because i do not use good keywords for my URL .

These are things which i wondered but i never knew google has time for them to rank you on their search engine . Google maps shows them how long someone has been with them ,  and how many post the person is making .  How good your contents and Keywords are .

Keywords are number one thing we should look up and start using good Keywords.  Let me give you a tip on how to get good keywords from google search engine , if you want to write or discuss about anything on your business blog , research about it on google  , down the google search , check QUESTIONS  RELATED to the questions you are about it  , pick any keyword which is related to the one you want to write about and make it your KEYWORD .

Another way to get or know what people ask about is when you check most asked question on that topic you want to write about .  Everything is been shown on google search each time a question is been asked .

Its only your friends , family , relatives and close people around that will reading and checking your site if you are new blog unless you created a page on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter etc and people around help in sharing and advertising it .  How long does it take to be rank on YouTube videos is the same thing applicable , no different in it .

Do you know since i started blogging , i have never for once raised a keyword on my own ?   I got it from google search and am making my traffic beyond my human imagination and expectations .  SEO does not take time to work on your blog , it all depends on your work rate .

A good blogger needs to be making up to  3 to 4 post every week . If you are making or posting up till 3 to 4 post every week on your Dashboard am sure within 3 to 6 months time , some of your good article will be rank .

Better know all your articles can not be rank .  No matter how good your keywords and contents are , all your article can not be rank . That is why i always advice new bloggers to focus more on USA article or news as a business blogger .  Get news or article to focus more on Europe or United kingdom because their CPC is very high and it will fetch you more money  in case that article is been ranked .

Google  ad-sense is the only way to start making money in case you want to be making money through Google .  They pay higher than other ads company . To implement SEO does not take time , all these things deals on how good your work rate is .

Please try to be making post at least five post every week .  It will make your blog site to be ranked and no how long it will be fetching you money once you have Google adsense on it .

In 2019 , Google adsense made some update to all their users and please check it up so you wont make mistake in any of it . is a site that has done great in lives of all new bloggers . Whether you are old or new blogger start accessing this website to know latest things to upgrade your blog and be making high profit like others .

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