How to Resolve DoorDash Payment Problem, Fix it Now

DoorDash payment issue can be distressing. Anyone can encounter this issue including customers and dashers alike. DoorDash helps you to order food or groceries for themselves or their friends and family and they will receive the delivery wherever they want. It is quite easy to use DoorDash and the dishes come from a wide list of choices from about 500,000 restaurants.

Reports show that DoorDash is a market leader and one of the best when it comes to online food ordering and delivery. Payment issues are just one of those things that could come up in the process of ordering or working as a dasher. We have detailed how to handle them and other issues in this article.

Reasons for DoorDash Payment Issue

DoorDash payment issues could arise from wrong bank details, missing payment, short-payment or wrong payment. These payment issues are not uncommon with DoorDash considering the sheer number of orders, deliveries, payments and services that they handle on a daily basis.

List of DoorDash Payment Issue and How to Fix Them

Payment Missing or Incorrect

Missing payment and short-payment are possible DoorDash payment issues often encountered by customers and dashers. Below you will find steps you can take to resolve this:

Please login to your Dasher account and make sure your bank details are properly captured (routing number and account number correctly captured.) This is where many issues with payments happens. Very importantly, ensure the account is not a savings account but a checking account.


If you have checked your bank details and they appear correct, yet you have payment issues, ensure to file your complaints with DashDoor Dasher Support immediately.

Unauthorized Charges on Your Account

You may have a trial subscription running with your debit or credit card details captured at the point of enrolment. Many people tend to forget that the free trial expires someday and the account will be charged.

Always remember to either cancel your trial subscriptions or remove your card details from the account entirely. You can stay on top of the situation by setting a reminder on your phone so you can cancel trial subscriptions just before they start charging you.

Common DoorDash Issues and How to Fix Them

Unable to Login

Are you unable to login to your dasher account? It could happen that your password changed and somehow you cannot remember it. Just click Forgot Password and enter your DashDoor email. You will receive an email to reset the password almost immediately.

Wrong Order or Missing Items

Hunger and anger share a lot in common. For whatever reason, some items could be missing from your order. Some other person’s order may also have found its way to you. These errors could be more common with the bigger restaurants and brands. Your dasher can always help in this case especially if you found out the error when before he leaves.

For missing items please report immediately using the app. Go to Orders and select the order that is missing. Select Help at the top, select Order IssuesMissing Items and file your report.

DoorDash App Down

Is your DoorDash app crashing? Is it freezing or closing abruptly? Are you unable to find your favourite dishes and restaurants? It could well be that DoorDash app is down. While DoorDash remains a 24/7 online service, the app runs as a software and can experience downtimes. Always contact DoorDash support to confirm app downtimes.

Error While Validating Your Basket

Sometimes customers encounter error while trying to checkout. This can be frustrating since you cannot proceed with your order and you probably are hungry. At such times try verifying that your payment details are correctly captured. Ensure that the debit or credit card is still valid. you can always replace the card or choose a different method of payment. this should clear the Error Validating Basket message and you should be able to proceed with your order.

DoorDash Payment Issue – Tips to Remember

Whether you are a dasher or a customer, when you are faced with DoorDash payment issue, always remember that there is a solution. Take a deep breathe, follow the steps outlined above and sort the issue quickly. Do not hesitate to contact the appropriate DoorDash support if the issue persists.

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