How to Use Tinder for Free and Get Hookup

Tinder is online dating app and web browser .  All European  singles are advice to download Tinder app for free and get hookups online .  Tinder is seen as match making social app or website .  How to  use Tinder for free and get hookup is what we are here to talk about .

First step to take is to download Tinder app on your device , create an account ,  then login each time you want .  Through your picture or image that you used ,  other users can admire it and will love to hook up with you.

Make sure Tinder app is live , once its live and acquainted , am sure you can get hook up from this guide and procedure .  All American singles are dating through this online dating media .  Join others now to create an account online with them .

Tinder is known for  swiping ,  and to swipe on Tinder is very easy.  Tinder send instant messages and any message sent is delivered instantly for hookup and dates . Tinder dating app matches you with another user for online dating .

Its see as number one online dating for all Singles to be . American , Indian , Canada cute singles are there , so set or create an account from this guide .

How to Create Tinder Account with Facebook for Free – Set up Online Dating

  1. First thing is to download Tinder app for iOS and Android, or just calmly  go to
  2. Click on  Log in with Facebook account .
  3. In case its needed , sign in to your Facebook from there  . Better know that Tinder does not disclose anything to your Facebook account .
  4. Give Tinder permission to connect to all required permissions.
  5. You can now start start swiping!

How to Sign in to Tinder Without Facebook Account – Step by Step Guide

  1. Choose the “Log in with your phone number”
  2. Put your phone number view the Tips & Tricks section which is below for an alternative.
  3. Put the code which you received as inbox message .
  4. Get an email address for it 
  5. Select required  password
  6. Put your first name
  7. Choose your gender immediately .
  8. Then if the person is using Android phone , you will be ask whether you to want to allow Tinder to access all your gallery information . Click o AGREE button continue .  Then click on the You  agree button so you ca  let Tinder connect to  your location data . 
  9. Select your main profile picture, and tap the “DONE”  button to create your account. Click here to get more guide on tip about picture guide and help there  I  did mine from here .

How to Hook up with Tinder Dating App

Inside the  Opening Message side . 
  1. Access the  Cheesy Opening Message.
  2. At the Ironic Opener side
  3. Use a Gif for the  First time Message.
  4. You are use Tease.
  5. Last thing to know is that  you will get started, in some case it has  more tinder openers that you can work with .  Access them  if you want  more tips on how to use or  impress. Makeyour profile worth the hookup .  Thanks !

From this guide and procedure , am sure you can use Tinder for Free and gets hook up from anywhere in the world .

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