Instagram Live Video – How To Go Live On Instagram

Instagram new app feature is here to make the website more fun to use . Go live on Instagram is another good feature that Instagram have brought out for people to enjoy . From this page one can be able to go live on Instagram with the use of computer , PCs , Android and any mobile device . We all know that owner of Instagram photos and video sharing social network wont stop upgrading their social media .

Have you woke up one day and have the feeling of going live with your closest pals , been on live videos with your close friends . Maybe you people went out for a dinner or went to a beach , for you to enjoy those feelings is to go live videos with them through your Instagram account .

There is no feeling like someone going live on videos with Instagram . Attimes we can be playing with our cat at home , playing with our pet or any love one around us and we want to share the live video with someone it can be done through here .

The best and easiest way to view what is happening in the world or around you , is to go live on Instagram . We all know that Instagram is a social media that deals with sharing of photos and videos on it. From here one can be able to know how this photos and video sharing social network has done great in the lives of their users .

One can go live on Instagram with another friend that is not close to you . Distance dont define whether we can go live with anybody . Its doesn’t .

Alot of people have been asking how to go live on Instagram and how to go live Facebook are they the same . Their are not the same , we know Facebook is a social media where other things can be done . But Instagram is basically for photo and video sharing . 

That make it to be more fun for users . Live time limit on live streaming is very long for any customer to enjoy. Going live on Instagram means the person will be online on video and sharing with friends simultaneously . The way we go live streaming in 2016 , 2017 , 2018 and 2019 are all the same . No difference is in it now.

These is a moment when someone has to share with friends instant video of him or herself . When we are doing this , we can share and broadcast what we are doing instantly . Live streaming or live video on Instagram is a new app feature that everyone is seriously enjoying now while using it.

Lets surprise you now . When these app feature was initially introduced alot of people criticized it but now all of them are now enjoying this wonderful platform which is laid out . The question of , can we go live on Instagram on laptop is already answered which YES .

How To Go Live On Instagram

Here is the easiest way to access this wonderful feature . Access your Instagram account or app scroll towards to the right hand from your feeds. You can as well tap the camera icon in the upper left hand corner .

Once anyone is done with this it will take the person to stories compositions section on the app . From there scroll towards the right or tap the LIVE button . Once you are done with this it will automatically take you the landing page of Instagram live videos . Viewers will see a white buttons they can use to share videos with friends .

One can swipe camera that is available , front or near me . Just tap the icon right hand of button. Enjoy this wonderful app feature alone and with friends.


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