Instagram Two-Factor Authentication Set up – Secure & Protect Account

Instagram Two-Factor Authentication Set up is the way to secure and protect IG Account online.  Please have it in mind they are over billions of people , or hackers who are looking for a way to access peoples account for their own use .   The only way to secure and protect account , is by using this platform created ,  known as Two factor authentication or two step verification.

From this page , one will be able to set up or enable two factor authentication .  Once its done , your account is highly secured and protected from hackers . Most of friends are complaining on how intruders accessed and hacked their Instagram account .  Ever since i introduced this platform to them , they are testifying how good its .

Lets give Instagram Review , reason for creating it and impact made .  Instagram  isalso known as  IG .  It is leading American photo and video-sharing social media .  The company is owned and controlled  by Facebook, Inc.  Since establishment and it enactment , all their users are enjoying it service .  Please in case you have an account with them , try to secure it with two factor authentication .

Instagram has long given two-factor authentication or two step verification through  SMS, currently  it has given stronger 2FA by authenticator apps which is Authy. To begin with it, access  Instagram app on your available device.    Accordingly to Instagram help center , twofactor authentication is a  good security feature.  Once you set it up ,  then you will be asked to put a very good login code or as well confirm  login attempt each time outside tries to login IG.

Instagram Two Factor Authentication Set up

  1. First thing is to access account
  2. Visit your profile and click   symbol ,  click on Settings.
  3. Tap Security and then scroll down and tap Two-Factor Authentication.
  4. Click on   which is next to Authentication App side of the page , click on Set Up Manually. OR  click on Get Started button on the page .
  5. Click on Copy Key  which is shown  below  Instagram key side of the page and  try to paste it inside  authentication app  place .  JUST LIKE  Google Authenticator or Mobile phones  .
  6. Next step is to click  on your Instagram account  which is linked to authentication app side , please try to copy 6-digit code to own your authentication app which is registered .
  7. Now , go back to Instagram app side of the page , click on Next button and you can now paste   6-digit code to make sure you complete the process .  Am sure that once this is done your account is secured and protected .


Then for anyone who is third-party authentication app , try to set up two-factor authentication manually for that Instagram account which will be shown on a key you will easily see to enable two-factor authentication  or two step verification for each of those  devices.   Also know that  Instagram key can  be accessed if you can use a multiple authentication apps on different  device.
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