J.Cole Musician Biography – Album And Networth

J.Cole is American musician who is well know in the world.  J. Cole  music has really made impact when the word Music is being mentioned globally.   He was born from military base in Germany but didn’t grew up there .   Cole  spent his early days in North California.


J. Cole Biography

His full name is Jermaine Lamar Cole,   he was born on January 28 1985.  Cole  posses African descent as his father is Africa America who was a soldier when he was born in Frankfurt Germany.   And the musician mother is pure America woman.   The name J.Cole came up when he venture into music as a child.  Since Cole  enrolled into the world of music his name is well known in every country .

J.Cole is American rapper ,  singer ,  songwriter and record producer.   He rose to fame when he released the mixtape come up in 2007 .  The rapper  further released another two songs which is The warm up and Friday night light.   Sideline Story is one of the songs which made wave for him in the year 2011 .  The song debuted as number one in U.S Billboard 200.

Since then alot of astounding music has been released by him.   All those good music has made him to feature some big names .  All this good music has made Cole one of the best and successful musician  American has  produced.


J. Cole is married to Melissa Heholt.  His wife is very beautiful some many people.  Cole met his wife then in school .  Two of them attended St Johns University .  A popular college that has produced some other big names in the world .


Early Life.

Jermaine Lamarr Cole was born in January 28 1985 ,  Frankfurt Germany where his father was a military man.  Cole didn’t grew up with his father as a child because  his father abandoned him when he was growing up , which  prompted his mother to relocate the rapper with his siblings to North California.

According to Cole he grew up as a child with different set of people .  Making it easy for him to adapt any pattern of life.   The singer is half African and American.   J. Cole  was into basketball and music when he was growing .   He sang in their church choir too.  The rapper started singing when he was twelve years old, but he got into music in 2000 when he saw it as his profession.


The  star even collaborated with some group but the group didn’t later materialized.  Those group Cole enrolled with didnt grow and its only Cole that made name from there .

St.John University was where he got a scholarship in New York when he felt that his chance of surviving there is more .   Cole  graduated from high school with 4-2 GPA .  Upon it he didn’t still value education that way.  Cole has made music to be fun for people .

J. Cole Networth

J.Cole has released a lot of Albums .  The  networth  you will see here is  money he made from the sales of his album ,  shows he performed and endorsement deal.   Recently its said that his networth is $30 million

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