John Cena Biography And Networth

John Cena is America Wrestler who is currently signed to WWE.   He is a professional actor , wrestler, rapper and television host.   Cena is a name which is well respected when the name wrestling is been called .

He seen as one of the greatest wrestler of all time  . He gained his popularity and fame into wrestling from early 2000s  ,  portraying a trash talking rapper.

Cena was born as John Felix Anthony Cena in April 23,1977.   He grew up in the house of five and his second child in the family .  His younger brothers are Steve , Matt and Sean.  John Cena family is not as popular as he.

He was born and raised in West New bury  , Massachusetts and his maternal grandfather was a baseball player Tony Lupien.  The wrestler do not have a definite ancestry his French-Canadian ,  an English man and as well Italian ancestry.

The actor  studied Physiology and body movement in Springfield college which he graduated in 1998.  After graduating from school he officially went into bodybuilding and worked as a limousine driver for someone.

Here you will see and know the wrestler biography like his wrestling career , music career, and acting.  John Cena was married to Nikka Bella but divorced .

Wrestling Career

He started  his first training to become a professional wrestler in the year 1999 .  At Ultimate Pro Wrestling .  He  started his wrestling career from there until 2003 when he lost to Frankie Kazarian by disqualification.

On 2002  , he made his unofficial appearance on World Wrestling Federation on a smack down against mickey Richardson which he later lost the match .    In 2001 he signed a development contract with WWF and  wrestling time with WWF  and doing his  he did it under the ring name.

He made his official match in WWE against JBL which he later won.  Cena fist recognition as world champion.   JBL nullified the motion which Cena won him by taking up original belt but Cena later came back to defeat him to reclaim the belt back.

Cena Made surprised came back as a participant of Royal rumble match ,  winning the match which he defeated Triple H.   His wrestling ways attached him  to be a fashion man  , many fashion people  developed interest in his attire and the way that his Hip hop music plays each time his about entering the stage.

Acting Career

He made his first appearance in movie when acted  popular movie Marine .  The movie was a big time sell when it came out in the year 2006.  The film made $7million sells in U.S. box office  ,  after ten weeks of the movie released it made another $18.7 million .

Since then Cena has starred in numerous movie and also co starred in some popular movie Like LegendaryFred  ,  Trainwrecks , Sisters and Daddy’s Home.   In the year 2017 the great wrestler lent his voice in animated movie Ferdinand.   And he has starred in some comedy like Blockers.

Music Career

As a wrestler he is also a rapper.  He performed his Fifth WWE theme song and it was played in WWE soundtrack album.  The actor have a song titled untouchable .   You Cant see me is well known and recommended song  he did.  Cena uses it in entering stage any match that he wants to do.

Net Worth

According to report  , John Cena networth is estimated to be $55 million.  John Cena is one of the richest wrestler of all time .

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