Kendrick Lamar Best Songs And Tour

Kendrick Lamar is America Rapper.  Best Kendrick Lamar songs and tour .  The star has a fabulous life like other musicians.  Lamar started singing in his teenage age .  The first name that he initiated was K–Dot but was later changed  .  The rapper full name is Kendrick Lamar DuckWorth.  His recognition started from the year 2010 when he released Overly Dedicated the song helped him to explore very well in Europeand after the release of the song he started having a lot of followers online.

Artiste such as Snoopy Dogg,  The Game  ,  Busta Rhyme has helped him by featuring with him in most of his early songs.  At the age of 16,  he released a long mixtape when he was bearing his old name K– Dot, the song was titled Youngest Head Nigga In Charge .  Konkrete Jungle music helped in releasing the song and it really pave way for him when it came out.

Kendrick Lamar best songs and tour .

All my life  , a music video that was owned by Jay Rocks.  Lamar featured from the beginning of the song till the end of it in the  year 2008,  and the video song featured The popular rapper  Lil Wayne.
From the year 2010 the America rapper started touring with the big names in music industry such as Tech N9ne and Jay Rock as well,throughout the year 2010 all the tours that he perform was with the two rappers.

Cartoon And Cereal  was the song that was leaked out  in year 2012 which he later came up to say that it was suppose to be his main debut studio album.   Lamar has been independent artist till 2012 when  signed with Enterscope records and Aftermath Entertainment  signed him.

Style Of Kendrick Lamar Music.

Kendrick Lamar is a rapper and mainly specializes his music things around him, his upbringing and the way that life have treated him as well.  Recently he was branded as the king of hip hop,they are many good rappers alive and his among the best due to his style of rap music has given recognition globally. He described it style of music as human music that it cant be categorized.

People have branded him as a musician that love telling story and it lyrics is branded kantana Blade Shape.Racism, social injustice and Black Empowerment has be what he specializes on when singing, trying to condemn anything that deals with racism and social injustice .   Chris Brown featured him in one of the most popular song Autumn Leaves,  the song was voted for many awards and alot of download was made on it when it was released.  The music is seen as one of the good and best song that he has recorded so far.

He is  a musician that specializes in politics.

Kendrick Lamar Influences

Eminem  ,Jay Z ,Tupac  , Notorious B.I.G  and Nas are musician that he mentioned out as the people that inspired his music style that he really look up to them.  Accordingly to him in an interview that Tupac  Shakur is the main rapper that inspires him both in music and life style.   And also he listens alot of Snoop Doggs music when he was growing , the like of DMX are his inspirators.

Awards Won By The Musician.

He has won many awards globally, been the first musician to win Pullitzer Prize For Music.   Here is the awards won by the star ,Grammy Award For Best Rap Album 2016,  Grammy Award For Best Rap Song 2015,  Grammy Award For Best Rap Performance 2015,  Grammy Award For Best Music Video  ,MTV Video Award  Of The Year 2015,  Grammy Award For Best Rap&Performance 2016,  MTV Video Music Award For Best Hip Hop 2017,  MTV Music Video Award For Best Collaboration 2015,  Bet Award For Best Collaboration 2013,  MTV Video Award For Best Direction 2017 and 2015,  MTV Video Music For Best Art Direction 2017.

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