Lionel Messi Biography – Networth And What Made Him Famous

Lionel Messi is Argentine  Footballer who plays for Argentina  national team and Barcelona football team in Spain .  Anytime we are looking for greatest footballers of all time , Messi name needs to be mentioned .  Lionel Messi biography tells us his currently seen as a great footballer.  His networth and how he became famous will be made known from here .

The great footballer has won five time Ballon d’Or awards.  Since the star emerged from Barcelona academy team he has won alot of cups .  Lionel Messi has won nine La Ligas title , Four Uefa  Champions league , six copas dey Rey and more .  The player is one of the best creative players of all time .

Argentina Footballer Messi is seen as best in his wing today .  Alot of people are still seeing him as the best footballer of all time , surpassing  likes of Pele and fellow Argentina Ex football legend  Maradona .  Messi holds record of most goal scorer in La Liga , most Scored hat trick on Uefa Champions league and most scored player in a calendar year .

Lionel Messi Early Life

The Attacker was born to Argentina family .  His father and mother are both Argentinians  .  He was born in on 24 June 1987 in Rosario  . They are Four in the family .  Messi is  third of four children of Jorge Messi, a steel factory manager, and his wife Celia Cuccittini, who worked in a magnet manufacturing workshop.

According to records , Messi father has two descent .  Messi father  is of Italian and Spanish descent, great-grandson of immigrants from the northcentral Adriatic Marche region of Italy and Catalonia, and on his mother’s side, he has primarily Italian ancestry.

When Messi  was born  , he has inability to grow then , the parents now took him to Spain .  He went to Spain , Barcelona now accepted to pay for his bills and treat him as well.  Messi was 13 years old as of then.  It was when he was 17 years he made his first appearance for Barcelona , it was in 2004.

Lionel Messi was injury prone when he started playing  his professional football in 2004 .  Despite that , Messi  made himself an integral player to Barcelona Team .  Messi has only played for Barcelona all his life and seen as their greatest legend of all time .

In Argentina today , Messi is all time leading goal scorer .  Though , ever since he made himself famous , he has not won any major cup for Argentina .  Some of his country people say he values his club side than Country side , which is not true .

When Messi was at youth level, he won  2005 FIFA World Youth Championship .  During the FIFA World cup he finished the tournament with both  Golden Ball and Golden Shoe .  During  an Olympic gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics , he made name from it as well.

Lionel Andres Messi is a left footed Footballer and he can dribble from any side .  He plays very fast and can dribble any one who comes his way .  As it stands now , he has made dribbled all the defenders he has came and across .  Including Jerome Boetang .

The great attacker or midfielder  has been in contention for world best player with Cristiano Ronaldo for ten years , before Lukas Modric broke it in 2018 after winning Champions League and reaching World cup finals .

Love of Football started from his earl age .  He started playing alongside with his elder brothers Rodrigo and Matias .

As of early age  of four , Leo joined local club Grandoli .  It was there where he was coached by his father.  Though , his earliest influence as a player came from his maternal grandmother, Celia, who accompanied him to training and matches.

 Lionel Messi was greatly affected by her grandmothers death, shortly before his eleventh birthday , since then, as a devout Catholic, Leo  has celebrated his goals by looking up and pointing to the sky in tribute of his grandmother .

Lionel Messi Networth

Record has shown us as of 2019, Lionel Messi’s net worth is $400 million .  This has marked him one of the richest soccer players in the world.  And all his famous life came from football only .  The player has only played for Barcelona .  A Spanish football Club .


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