Migos Members Biography And Networth

Migos are America group rappers.  They are Hip-hop trio who was founded in the year 2008 .  Since hip hop trio creation  ,  they have recorded a lot of hot songs to their names .   Their manager is Coach K.  The manager was the one who formerly handled Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy.  Migos  manager is well know in grooming a lot of talent in Europe . Migos Members biography and networth.


Migos was formed in the year 2008 .  The group is composed of Quavo,Takeoff and Offset.  Three musician was raised together and directly related.  Quazo is takeoff uncle and Offset is Quazo cousin. For anyone who is asking their relationship.  Better know Migos members are bloodily related . Read down to see full Migos members biography and each networth.


Three of them are bloodily related.  Migos grew up together in Gwinnett County.   Versace  was the song which  made way for them  The song  came up in the year 2013 .  The track was number 99 in Billboard Hot 100.


Versace was not really a hit until Canadian musician Drake pick the song up and remixed it.  It was after Drake remixed Versace, the song starting making wave  in Europe.   On June 2015 the Trio performed rap radio station,   and they also featured XXX.


The group popularity started in the year 2013 after the released of the Versace.   Offset was incarcerated due to he violated  his probation which he had received .  No Label is another hit song to their name and it was released in the year 2014.  And the song made wave due to it got a downloaded list of 100,000. in the first week it came out.


One Time came out in the year 2015 .  When the music came out a lot of downloads was made in it.  One Time song also entered chat.   Back To Bango  was released in the same year with one time 2015,  though Offset was  not around .   But trio  group didn’t stop releasing song they kept on releasing songs like  Look At My Dab  was released in September 2015 as well.


On September 7, 2015 American rapper Kanye West announced he has signed Migos to his Record label GOOD MUSIC .    Later Migos came out to announce  they are not afflicted to West music.  Cardi B and Nicki Minaj joins hands in featuring Migos musician in the song Motorsport.

Migos Members


Quazo real name is Quavious Marshall and he was born in April 2, 1991.

Takeoff real name is Kirshnik Ball and he was born in June 18, 1994.

Offset real name is Kiari Cephus,born in December 14, 1991..


The trio group are bloodily related but not from the same parents.  Since Migos members started making musich they never had any issue.  Currently Migos are seen one of peaceful group singers.  In terms of Rapping Migos are really good.

Migos Member NetWorth

Their networth is estimated to be $ 50 million. This networth is generally for three of them as a whole .

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