How to Login and Logout of Dating Site

Please see the full way to Login and Logout of Dating Site.  Its dating site that have premium over the years and its seriously helping singles who are over 50 years by age to get hookup and meet for relationship or date .

I do not know your own reason for login or logout from dating site .  Before we continue on how members can login , sign in,  remove , logout or cancel subscription on Ourtime dating site .  Lets give full review about the dating site and impact they have made to members .

Ourtime is free online dating site / app for relationship or date .  The dating site was created in UK and have made wave in making sure older people who are still single can meet online either for relationship , friendship or date .  

There are many reason for creating and establishing the site , but the only recommended thing for it establishment is for members to meet other singles and share view about relationship or date .

Whether you are married , divorce , single parent nor never been married please access for online dating to meet amazing women or men for date .

Call Ourtime Phone number 866-727-8920 for any complain .  But if you can login from this step and guide am sure all questions will be answered on the page .

Ourtime Login – Access Dating site From Here

Here is the only way to access and secure your account online to meet amazing single women for relationship or date .  Either you are on free trial or subscription cost .  Access account here .

  1.    Go to with your browser . Please make sure that you have a strong data or network connection .
  2.   Click on Login button at the right hand side of the page .
  4.   Click on Login button on the page .

Once this is done am sure you can enjoy and meet other 50 plus singles to chart , flirt and even go out on a date with them through online hooking up.

OurTime Logout  – Full Guide to Logout from Account

This is for those who wants to logout from their account base on their own personal reasons.

  1.   Go to settings button which appear on  the upper right-hand corner  of the screen .
  2.   Click or tap  Logout button .   Its just simple as that .

How to Cancel Membership Subscription

  1. Click on My Account which shows on the drop down menu side.
  2. Go to Account Status  there,  tap  View Account Status link.
  3. Once its done,  next screen place , tap More Account Status Changes link.
  4. Click or tap  Remove My Profile link.
  5. Last thing to do , access  the short question  and  after that confirm the cancellation process .

How to Update Profile or Information on Ourtime

  1. Click  Settings  button on the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Tap My Profile which shows on the down page side .
  3.  Access the fields that you want to edit or  update, and after that tap  Edit.
  4. Do the changes and last thing is to tap Save button there .

How to Delete Account 

  1. Visit with any browser.
  2. Log in to account via (Email+Password).
  3. Move to the “Settings -> My Account” down menu side in the right top corner.
  4. Choose “View Account Status” that is down “Account Status”.
  5. Select on  “More Account Status Changes”.
  6. Click on “Remove My Profile >>” to delete.  Am sure its done from this step and guide.

Its good to know all these things.

For any questions or comments , please scroll down the page and  enter questions or comments inside page . Thanks !

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