May 15, 2022

Post Malone Tour – Post Malone Tickets

Post Malone is an America Rapper, songwriter,  singer and Record producer.  Post malone tour and tickers . The rapper was born in New York city and raised in Grapevine,  Texas.   Malone Post was born in July 5, 1995, in New York, he was raised by his father Rich post and his Stepmother Jodie Post.   His dad has been into music like the Disc jockey.    His father later introduced Malone into different genres of music like Hip-Hop which later explored the star.

Doing the age of  9 he was taken to Grapevine Texas, by his father due his father got a new work as a manager of Concession off Dallas Cowboys,during his time in Texas he was raised to play guitar and learn band with crown the empire in 2010.The music group later rejected him because  he broke one of the band instrument but before then he use to have interest in learning some Dj works.

Post Malone Tour and Post Malone Tickets

Malone is well known and respected in this era of music due to his style of music,  he sings,  raps and also write music for people to sing.   In 2015,he released his popular song  White Inversion,the song made him who he is by topping fourteen on the  Billboard Hot 100.   In December 2016 he released another hit song Stoney which top six on the Billboard 200.The album made a lot of success globally and the album contains Congratulation and I fall apart. 

The musician is well known for not been into one particular set of music,he does different types of genre of music.   He has alot of tattoo in his body and most of the tattoo that he drew is the people that inspired him into music such as Justin Bieber. He loves driving  fancy cars.   Through this means you will know the musician Net worth,  biography and the meaning of his name.


Net Worth..

He lives in one of biggest house in Los Angeles,and he also owns a mansion that worth multi million.
His Net worth is in  region of $8 million.

Meaning Of His Name.

The name that he bears has no definite meaning,his fathers name is  Rich Post.And according to him that he bears the name without any specific reasoning,his real name is  Austin Richard Post.
Malone is just a name that he gave to himself and it does not have any concrete reason for doing that.
According to him he gave the name Malone Post when he was 14 till 15 years but people later rumored that he name is reference to the professional basketball player Karl Malone..

He came out to explained that Post is real name but Malone is rap name generator.
So many question has been asked the meaning of his name but through here you can be able to indicate and know the real meaning to his name.    Malone post career started from the year the song White Inversion was released and since then he has won many awards..His style of music is not definite due to he sings and do different genre of music as well.  Recently it was recorded that his fans favorite.

Post Malone Tickets For Tour

Anytime his hosting or having show . Tickets is available at entrance of the show .  Get it there .

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