Reasons Not to Use Gmail

We all knows  the number one leading email or mail service in the world is Google Gmail .   But we are sure in every thing that  has advantages there will be disadvantages in it as well .  From this page we will tell and disclose to email users , reasons not to use Gmail mail service.

Gmail has done great in lives of their users , like when any user login or sign up their account .  In the other way round they are some set of reasons we will advice and urge mail users not to use this mail service .  If you have Gmail account we can not advice you to delete or deactivate it .  Once you are done reading down this page its left for you to make your choice .

Before we round on , lets give small and full Gmail review .  Reasons for creating this company and advantages or benefits users gets .  Gmail is number one leading mail service .  They have a platform users can use to send and receive any type of message .  Files and documents can be sent through it.  Any sent message can stored and  be viewed at all time , the same with received message.

For anyone who is asking about the features of Gmail email , disadvantage of Gmail email service ,  benefits of Gmail business ,  features of yahoo , pros and cons of gmail vs Outlook  and so , better know its of no need of it .  From reasons not to use Gmail mail service ,  one will be able to know all of it .

Reasons Not to Use Gmail Mail

Here are the major reasons , or can be seen as disadvantages of Gmail.  Do yourself good to know whether you can withstand this by continue using or creating   Gmail email website account .

  • In terms of storage capacity .   To conserve all mail stored on the Website  gives users  easy access  platform from multiple or other  devices .  Lets start by saying it storage capacity is not as big to contain some companies or business files .  If  any customers lose their Internet connection or Gmail bears  downtime .  Any customer  can be left without getting into messages
  • Gmail company checks users who are advertising any product .  In case you want to advertise of any your goods and it has to relate with with they are into , they wont to happy to see you advertising it through their website .  They can do anything to make sure such advertising did not go well .
  • Any mistake been made in texting any message is on your own .  Gmail do not check spelling for users so they can correct it .  So anytime someone is typing any message on Gmail , try to make it accurate because they are not there to check or correct your spellings and so .  Which is really bad of them .
  • Gmail email website uses multiple messages which is not really good to customers .
  •  Someone who is into the same kind of Google business is not allowed to advertise their work through Gmail because you are the competitor .  No business man or woman will be happy to see their competitor to advertise through their website .
  • Hackers accesses peoples account without the use of their password or Username .  But in case you want to open an account or login to your account with Gmail  to secure it online click on  ,  type either to login or create an account for first timers .     Access it from there for high level security while online .   Enjoy and Thanks .

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