Salesforce Two-Factor Authentication Set up – Secure & Protect Account

Salesforce Two-Factor Authentication Set up is a platform initiated for users to use to secure and protect user account .  Know , there are over millions of hackers or intruders who are looking for a way to access your community or organisations account .  The only recommended way to secure and protect salesforce account is to enable two factor authentication or two steps verification .  Salesforce Two-Factor Authentication Set up – Secure & Protect Account .

Before we proceed , lets know  Two-factor authentication or two steps verification is highly effective strategy to protect and secure your organisations  user accounts.  Once any user implement two-factor authentication they are demanded to login  or access with two pieces of information or details about them .  This important information’s are   username and a one-time password which is known as  (OTP).

Also , Administration  enable or setup two-factor authentication by permissions or through  profile settings.   Am sure users register  or set up  two-factor authentication through a good personal settings.   Salesforce  user can use an OTP generator app in doing so , which is Salesforce Authenticator or Google Authenticator. They can use also hardware good devices to do so ., inc. is a very popular American cloud-based software  .  The company headquarter is based and situated at  San Francisco, California USA .  Please do yourself good to secure and protect account from this step and guide .   Important things to this is that ,  it adds extra  layer of security to your salesforce community or organisation account .

How to Set up Salesforce Two Factor Authentication

  1. First is to login to account .
  2. Go to “Administrative Setup”  on the page . You can now access  “Manage Users” and “Profiles.”
  3. Choose  “TwoFactor Authentication for the  User Interface Logins” allowed in the user profile  place or permission set.

Only authentication or strong keys  shows that both a user allows a step support with use of API logins with a very strong  Assurance session security way. These shows   OAuth 2.0 renew token flow,  a nice web server flow, and  salesforce user or an agent can now flow.   Then all other vitals flows, like JSON Web Token  bearer token flow, it wont be added on a user approval way.   Please have in mind that all these things are good and required .

For anyone who is asking about salesforce two-factor authentication for community users , salesforce disable two factor authentication for one user , salesforce 2 factor authentication email , track changes to salesforce settings , salesforce authenticator ,  set up two-factor authentication superbadge ,  what is the recommended way of enabling two-factor authentication for external users , all these questions will be answered once you followed this step to set up two factor authentication or two steps verification .

All my friends who followed this step and guide are giving good account of it services .  My close friend Charles was complaining that their salesforce community account was hacked , i introduced this platform or step for him , his now happy because their own account is highly secured online .

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