Server Definition – The Full Explanation Of Computer Server

Computer server is a term that people have find hard to define .  From here you will know that server means the heart of internet.   Any computer device has what is delivery ,  processing data or information to it and its called server. The full explanation of computer server .

Today ,  people still are debating what the term server is but to make it easy for people .  Server is what process and deliver information to another device.

Without server   ,  internet wont exist.  To  draw your attentions to ours server is a computer designed for the purpose of delivering and requesting data to another computer through  internet or local network.

“Server”to summarize is said to be engine room for another set of devices such as PCs,   laptops,  computer,  mobile phone or another electronic device which provides and delivers data to it.  We are made to understand anything that has what is supporting is called server machine .  Server can be seen as the engine room for any internet user.

Computer server can be seen as computer program or device which  provides functionally for another set of devices or programs called Client.  

The word server is understood to be a web server where web pages can be accessed through the internet .  This  is done by client which can be web browser.   All types of server runs and functions different things.

Server is part of the client server model.   We are made to disclose to users that model serve data for clients.   Any interaction or communication between a client ,  server request and response.

Any user is made to know any computer running the necessarily software can function as a server .  That is   ,  any high powered machine which functions as engine place for pushing and pulling data from internet through the client.

Any larger internet or network like clients which connects to another set of device is server.

Nothing can function on it own .  So any computer servers  that runs and delivers information to another computer is called sever.

Types Of Computer Server

Email Server – Email servers serve or runs the purpose of receiving and sending messages through the email service.   When any user stores any messages sent through email it is only done through server ,  and when user sends message its done through server as well.

Web Server – When we receives any contents from internet or app its done through web server,  like now you are reading this contents you are doing it through web server.   The client program is mostly likely a browser like internet explorer,  opera mini,  chrome,   safari or any searching browser.

Web server runs different types of purposes in internet such delivering texts and images,  like uploading and backing files or data online.

FTP – File Transfer Protocol as the name sound is use to transfer or moves files from  file transfer protocol tools.

Identity Server – Here we are made to understand it supports logins and security roles for authorized users.

Like we said earlier,   all different types of server has or runs different functions and purposes.  Please do yourself good not to argue about the meaning of server after reading this amazing post that has inspired alot of Lecturers , student , professors , learned ones , institution , companies  and more .

Using Of Server At Home

The word server should not confuse people because it means software.   Software can be run anywhere either home or outside home.  Server is good to be use in any place such as home,  offices or any place of your choice.

We can use and runs it anyplace we want.   For example,  some network  hard device use the network attached storage server protocol to allow different PCs  on the home to access a shared set of data or files.

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