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University of Pennsylvania is seen as one of the best school in US today .  There are many college in America but University Of Pennsylvania is rank among the best due to quality education they offers to student.  Penn is good once you are looking for school where you will get standard education and get into Athlete .

From these page you will get know everything about the college,  like tuition fee,  accommodation requirement, masters enrollment and other things school offers. Penn school fees is very cheap and everyone can pay for it .  All department school fees and tuition is not the same thing .

Its one of the oldest college in America .  It was founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin.  Since then till date they has a record of undergraduate estimated to be range of 10,033.   One good thing about them again is its situated in urban area of Pennsylvania.

The size of campus environment is unbelievable with record of 299 Acres .  University Of Pennsylvania goes with semester calendar like other schools  ,  fees for all undergraduate of same.  To know more about Penn visit their official website .

Review Of Penn

University of Pennsylvania is a private league research school which is located in university city section of West Philadelphia.   Penn as abbreviated by some people is one of 14 founders members of association of America university.  Its also one colonial chartered college.

The founder Benjamin Franklin who established the school  ,  was one who came up with idea of education program that focuses more on practical education for commerce ,  and public service as on classic and theology.  Though When Franklin brought the curriculum it was never adopted by school rules and regulations.  But was later accepted .

Alot of Athlete activity is done in the college and they have a league which they organized,know as Ivy League.Some of athlete activities are –


The Penn Quakers has over 25 NCAA Divisions/Sports that compete or participate in Ivy league .  Today anytime we are talking about college with best basketball activities or team Penn will be mentioned among them,and Lacrosse teams.    For all student who cant afford to stay or pay off campus  ,  housing or accommodation is provided by school like they has over 10 college houses.   Still yet some or majority students lives outside school ,meaning they are coming from their various destination to school.

Greek people filled there ,  like over 25 students are invoke with Greek language which encloses 50 Fraternity and sororities.    Most institutions don’t offer or allows organization to host events but Penn does it making it to be more fun for student or candidates.    Alot of activities is perform during their leisure time,  like offering of group like Latin and ballroom dance club and organization.

From here we are meant to know they has a number of 12 schools,  five other undergraduate and graduate  ,though in all of 12 school its only seven that offers studies to graduate.  There is also California University Of Penn.

Penn offers Wharton School  , School of Education, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Law School and including school of medicine.   One good thing about them is ,  its not mainly on professional courses  .   Penn specializes on school of Dental Medicine,School Of Design ,  other notable graduate program is highly approved.

Whenever we are mentioning schools who have made name by bringing up bigger or prominent people on earth,   Penn should be mentioned .  Donald Trump,  John Legend,   Williams Carlos are notable people who attended Penn .

Academic Life In Penn

Anyone who is reading this page , eason for bringing or showing you academics life is for you to know University Of Pennsylvania has a faculty ratio of 6,1 .  Penn school also posses 68.2 percent of its classes with less number than 20 students.   In terms of new student or freshman retention rate is 98 percent,  meaning for aspirants its easy to get admission there.

Popular Majors In Penn

Finance General

Registered Nursing/Registered  Nurse

Political Science And Government

Biology/Biological Science


School Fees  and tuition for 2019/2020 session is $55,584.   For checking of result through online is easy access,  registering courses is easy and free for students.

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