US Presidential Election Process – Everything You Need to Know

US Presidential election is a very important election which usually conducted and arranged with carefulness.  A lot of people have come up to know everything about it , yet the answer still remains unknown to them.  This page is going to give you full tip on US presidential election process and steps.

America is the world power.  Some people comes in from different parts of world inside it. Like Mexico , France , South Korea , Nigeria , India , Russia  and more .  But once you are not eligible to cast vote , you wont be allowed .

Some steps and process are usually passed anytime presidential election is at hand.  Those process are what we can not do without.  These process and guide is the only way it will be conducted fair and good. During time of Gorge Bush , Barack Obama etc , all these process where all followed and conducted .

But we are meant to know that other USA elections,  candidates  for the election are elected or chosen  directly by popular vote in it . Its not so in presidential own .  In presidential election and vice president  own are not elected any  citizens.

USA Presidential Election Process

President and vice president are highly chosen by  “electors” its by a process  or way known as Electoral College.

Better know that all  process of using  electors generates  from  Constitution.  That is thing we need to know about USA presidential and vice president election .

USA Constitutional Requirements for Presidential Candidates

Here are required thing from the person.

  • Such person must be a natural-born citizen of the United States of America .
  • Such person must be minimum of 35 years old .
  • And lastly , must   be a resident of the United States  of America for at least  14 years.
  •  Must have a good character .
  •  Know how to speak Official language which English .

If the person have the full required then you can now get your form to contest . USA practice two party system of election .  They only have two political party .

In case any  candidate spends more than $5,000 for it campaign, then its required such person should  register  Federal Election Commission.   These makes the provision that such person is going to raise a campaign that will spend such money for him or her.

Homeless can cast vote . Please if you are not a citizen of America do not think of coming to cast vote.  These is all to know .  It includes  Electoral College, caucuses and primaries as well , and national conventions.

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