War Room Movie Review – Everything You Needs to Know

For all who has the fear of God , there is another astounding movie for all to watch .  War room movie is one of the best Evangelical movie that all christian home needs to see.  War room movie review is here to highlight us on everything you needs to know about this black American evangelical movie.

Alex Kendrick and his brother Stephen Kendrick wont stop preaching the gospel through Movies.  War room is a gospel movie which has made impact in lives of people.  The movie is all about a marriage that was about to break but was fixed through Gods prayer and intervention.

War room movie did not talk about only broken marriage recovery , it talks about FORGIVENESS , everybody deserves GRACE no matter how had  their sins are , everybody should be LOVED and CARED for , every home needs God to be their leader .  Devil or Satan is the real and hidden enemy in our home and we should pray him out from our various home.

War Room Cast  –  Actors and Actress

Here is the full list of cast that made the movie is best in terms of Gods evangelism .

  • Priscilla C. Shirer acted as Elizabeth Jordan
  • T.C. Stallings acted as Tony Jordan
  • Karen Abercrombie acted as Miss Clara
  • Beth Moore acted as Mandy
  • Michael Jr.  acted as Michael
  • Jadin Harris acted as Jennifer Stephens
  • Tenae Downing acted as Veronica Drake
  • Alena Pitts acted as Danielle Jordan
Directed by –
  • Alex Kendrick
Written by –
  • Stephen Kendrick

Real estate agent Elizabeth (Priscilla C. Shirer)   in the movie met one of her client Clara (Karen Abercrombie) but the business now turned up stand down.  Elizabeth have been married to her loathsome husband known as  Tony (T.C. Stallings) .  The marriage has lasted for sixteen years and their daughter is ten years old .

Tony finds it hard to understand his wife and also participate more to his work and find his home not to be a home again.  Clara as Elizabeth client tries to convince her agent that everything works with God .  That God is the one who is going to fix her marriage for her.

Tony and Elizabeth are both christians but do not pray together like a christian home needs to do .  Life started becoming hard for Elizabeth in terms of dealing with her husband lack of understanding.

Clara encourages Elizabeth to remove everything in her closet and make her closet a PRAYER ROOM as she did.  The prayer room now turns to be a WAR ROOM ,  where all her needs and problems will be fixed or solved .    According to Clara  , she wakes up everyday asking God to locate someone to her that she can fix the person problems .

Tony was out on date with one of his mistress in place of work , trying to cheat on his wife with her on a date but after Elizabeth prayer was answered by God and made sure Tony realizes himself without sleeping or cheating on his wife.

The wife knew  about it through a text sent by unknown friend still kept silent and ask God to take control of her marriage according to the advice given to her by Clara one of client who is advance Woman who lost her marriage long time ago .

Elizabeth and Tony marriage became strong after Elizabeth Emptied her closet and turned it to WAR ROOM where to pray and ask God for anything.   Tony was sacked from his working place and turned back to the office to make an opening confession he has been stealing from them , and later the CEO forgives him without charging or prosecuting it.

Tony payed the whole money back to company and focus on his family un till last last God gave him another wonderful job .

War room entails on Marriage problems but on it it still has to uproot some other certain things which everyone who has the fear of God needs to abide with.  Learn how to tolerate and forgive. Learn how to know we are just a mere human beings that Devil or Satan is our real enemy not our fellow human beings.

War Room Movie Theme

The movie has the best pictured theme which is  Christian-themed pictures “Fireproof” and aslo “Courageous”  which has to do with  splash with church-going audiences  that is long before last year’s swath of faith-situated  indies were entered into production .

War Room Lessons

We should follow God in everything .  All broken marriages and family can only be fixed by God.  Turning to him in prayers and worship.  Learn how to forgive , just like Tony redeemed himself to God and helped the man that tries to put in prison even when he has confess to the Company after been sacked.   Tony forgive him and helped  him fix his broken car on their way to his daughter competition .

War Room Summary

War room movie summary entails on all broken marriage can only be appropriate fixed by asking and praying for God.  For those who their husband all beats and harrass they should pray and ask for God to rule their marriage and take control of their homes.  Lord is the best and highest Attorney who can fix any problem.

To download movie called war room is very easy , just search for it on GOOGLE.com it will reviewed to you.  We all know that WAR ROOM movie is just a film to watch .  For those who are asking whether its true story better know its Evangelical movie , no need asking whether its true story or not.

War room house is a place for all christian needs to have in our various home for prayers.  Ask God anything there with a broken Heart am sure his going to answer you.   War room criticm is not known or recommended by real Christians because its preaching the Gospel as God instructed everyone.

A Nigerian singer said that every christian is an evangelist , so from it now , we can say that WAR ROOM movie is evangelical movie too.  Thanks .

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