Ways to Work in USA as a Foreign Educated Nurse

To be a nurse in USA is very easy once this guide and procedure is been followed . Ways to work in USA a educated nurse is another questions foreigners ask on daily basis.

In case you want to work  is this bless country as a nurse , the  opportunities are very plenty for you .  America has more than 65 population which is about to triple by years to come with health issues  . It will make the demand or request of nurses to come .  The nurse work here is to make sure people gets appropriate health treatment and more .

Foreign nurse recruitment period is very admissible , the only thing one can do is to travel to America and not to bother looking for any hospital that accept and sponsor foreign nurses.

This guide and procedure should be followed by foreign and American educated nurses .  In case you are applying for Visa coming to USA , you are advice to put and indict you are coming to USA to work as a educated and qualified nurse.

All Indian , Canada , Australia , Belgium , USA etc are seriously giving good account of the post impact. Do yourself good to follow up this guide to become a educated nurse in USA and be well paid by  the  hospital  or health institution you are working for .

How to Become a Foreign Educated Nurse

  • 1  –    Make sure your academic requirements are complete .   That is to say there are some requirement and academic procedure which needs to be pass for it happen , make sure you have it complete and pass as well .
  • Have a degree  from a program that is  accredited for  Registered Nursing .
  • Make sure to have a valid RN license .
  •  Be a practice of an RN for not at least two years  of experience .  These one all depends on the state in USA . Some states Texas or California, expects  you to complete a Foreign Educated Nurses (FEN) course with them .  Its a new standard course which makes  of 240 hours divided equally into different classroom and also clinical practice.   The person will be asked to do it under the supervision  and guidance of a licensed RN.


  • 2 –    The person must pass all the English proficiency test.    These one is for easy communication  with patience , you know America speaks English language and it is required you must be speaking their language to communicate with patience all time .
  • The person must graduate from any school that is not in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Senegal , Ivory Coast or Ireland .
  • The  school’s textbooks should be  written  and advance in English language .


  • 3 –  The person should sit out and pass the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensing Examination – Registered Nurse) .  Its very necessary to know this as well .  For interested persons should  take the exam, and registration procedure is made on the website . Register with pearson VUE .


  • 4 –   Get any  employer, or  anyone who is recruiting agency based in America .  Better know the recruiter can as well be your personal  employer. Reason for it is that  They will make sure your immigrant visa is ready and secured as well . And they will make guide and assist in getting  a job at any available  hospital for you or  any available health institution  they are working with.


  • 5 –   Apply for  RN immigrant visa or green card.  These card is for more recommendation by the agency that is after that .
  • Get this , Visa Screen Certificate (VSC)
  •  Get an a prove or evidence of US-based employer . Anyone who  has a petition for the visa.  Which is advised , any recruiter can as well work as your personal  petitioner.


  • 6 –  Get or apply visa for it and do not nullify the job offer . With the following things am sure you can work as educated nurse in America . THANKS !

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