When Is Easter This Year 2019 ?

Easter is to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ according to christian believe .  This 2019 Easter came really late unlike other years own . We are made to understand as a Christian ,   no celebration or remembrance can be compare when we remember the birth and date of Jesus Christ .

Please we are to know all Easter day is always a public holiday No school  and no work  . Everybody who is a christian should stay at home or go out with lover ones to celebrate it .   How is easter determined has been the order of the day question ,  and from here one will be able to know eveything all.

Easter is always on Sundays ,  and that Sunday will be Palm Sunday .  Last Friday before the Easter Sunday will be good Friday .  That Good Friday will also be public holiday .  Every Christian is expected to be at home to enjoy it  .  Cook special food and invite friends is order of the day  .

Friends can go out to see friends .  Lovers can visit each other or go out .  Old friends who are having problem can reconcile on Easter day .   Like we said , it is remembrance of lord Jesus Christ  but it does no mean we should not join  Christians to celebrate it .

2019 month of Easter is 21  April .  But other years own is not  usually April .    It all depends on how calendar run for the year .  Orthodox Easter 2019 is another question people come online to ask on daily basis . Everything will be made known from here .

For any Christian  who is having issue with anyone should better go and reconcile with him or her .  Easter day is to remember the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is seen as Christian lord and savior .  Truly Jesus Christ is the lord and Savior  , without him   ,   me and you wont be alive .

The whole of American who are Christians  are celebrating it.  Please join me to celebrate because me that wrote this post is a good christian too.  Thanks for reading the post  .

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