WordPress Website Security – How to Protect and Secure WordPress Site

The question on whether how secure is  WordPress site   , all depends  on you. Please hasten up to read up the page to know how to protect and secure your WordPress website from hackers and threats . WordPress Website Security .

A lot of bloggers are seriously asking on how to secure their site from threat because it is what all bloggers are seriously scared of .  Since I started running my blogging website , I have not experienced or witness any threat of any kind because my site is highly secured . And wordpress website security is ranking as number one .

Do yourself good as a new or old time blogger to secure your website from this guide and procedure . WordPress is number one leading hosting site for all bloggers or website CEOs .  To run a site is another thing and to secure it is also another thing all together  .

WordPress hosting platform has created a lot of plugins for their users to use in securing their dashboard . Reason creating plugins , is for different purposes .  Like in plugins now , there are some plugins that it work is to make sure that your SEO trends  very well , some are for purpose of making your Google ad-sense is secured and runs smoothly .

The first time i started using and running my blog site with wordpress , i used plugins to secure and protect  my site from threat , and till today its still working for me .  This guide should be followed to secure pages or post been made .

How to Secure and Protect your WordPress Website

Here are things which we need to do so that our WordPress site will be secured online .  Even when you are not online or on your dashboard it will be highly secured .

  1. Select a wonderful Hosting Company. For example Bluehost.com is really good .
  2. Make sure you do not  use or apply rejected Themes.
  3. Download and install a WordPress Security Plugins.
  4. Make sue you use a strong or rigid  Password.  Can only be access by you only .
  5. Disconnect all File Editing.
  6. Be updating your themes all the time .
  7.  Be updating your pluginss .
  8.  Download and install SSL Certificate.
  9.  Try to be changing your WP-login URL.
  10.  Make sure you know your Password and Username .  Stop Login Attempts all times .

From this guide and procedure am sure your wordpress site will be highly secured and protected online and offline .

WordPress Plugins for Security








All things pluigins can be installed on your dashboard once you type the name and install it.  Make sure you are accessing it every time to be updating to get the latest edition for it .Thanks !

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