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Blackplanet.com is seen as number one leading social media for African American to be . Blackplanet can be seen as a social media because people comes here to meet other singles for online dating  and see latest news which is happening around .  BlackPlanet login is for those who have an account with this online dating site .

www.BlackPlanet.com is number one leading site where all African American should be accessing because since the creation of the site , its seen as the best by many . BlackPlanet is a service where  peoples comes for advertising , matchmaking and job postings.  In case you have an account with the site better login or sign in  to meet single for online dating .

Do you know i met my first date from this dating site . The reason we call and see the site as a dating service is because intended lovers comes here to meet others who are interested .  If you are online on BlackPlanet a lot of things can be done .  You can discover the world withing your range .

The Blackplanet review shows us it was  was launched on Sept 1, 2001 by a man known as  Omar Wasow.  He is internet analyst .   Omar was running and managing   “New York Online” in 2001.  Its  pre-web community which he enacted in 1993  from his apartment  in Brooklyn , USA .

www.BlackPlanet.com Login – Access Your BlackPlanet Account

Here is the procedure and guide to access your account in case you already have an account with the online dating site  or social media .

  1.  Go to www.BlackPlanet.com 
  2.  Click on Login button at the right hand side of the page .
  3.  Enter your Username and Password .
  4.  Move down and click on Login button .   You have login to Blackplanet account .

BlackPlanet Sign up – Register with BlackPlanet to see Member Services

Some of information about you is required when you are registering online.  User can download Blackplanet app in case .

  1.   Go to https://www.blackplanet.com/
  2.   Click on Sign up button at the right hand side of the page .
  3.   Put your information which includes MEMBER NAME , EMAIL ADDRESS , PASSWORD , male or female GENDER , DATE OF BIRTH and enter your ZIP or POSTAL CODE .
  4.  Answer the CAPTCHA question .
  5.  Click on Sign up Button down the page .  You can access the account each time you want .  User USERNAME and PASSWORD to access it .

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